Web Afternoon

Design Edition

February 26th — 1-6pm · The Garage at Tech Square · Atlanta, GA

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What to Expect

We’ve strong-armed some of the industry’s finest talent to spend the day talking all things design and typography, all in order to help you, the designer, be even better at your job.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Design Processes that Actually Work
  • The Future of Web Typography
  • How to Make Today’s Tools Work for You
  • Getting Back to the Work You Love
  • Design Leadership and the Future of Design

Your Speakers

Want to get really up close and personal?

Purchase a VIP Ticket to enjoy an exclusive brunch with your design hero and get reserved seating for the afternoon of talks. There are only 5 seats at each of the five tables--and they're first come, first served--so buy your ticket now to make sure your name's on the list.

Design Leadership Panel

A few of the regions most experienced and gifted designers will share their thoughts on what it takes to be a design leader. How to deal with tough clients; How to fight for the best ideas; Where to look for inspiration; What the future of design looks like, and more.

Rick Anwyl

Rick Anwyl

Anwyl Ltd
Hank Richardson

Hank Richardson

Design Coach and Director of Opportunities
Portfolio Center
Carl Smith!

Carl Smith – Your Host With the Most

He's one of our favorite people, and after meeting him at Web Afternoon he'll be one of yours, too.

Carl brings an energy and enthusiasm for design, business, and the people who make it all happen that's unmatched in the industry.

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The Garage at Tech Square

The Garage at Tech Square is a brand-new event venue in the heart of Atlanta. The soft-seating club vibe draws a cool contrast with the industrial-inspired room, which offers a full stage setup and plenty of space for large crowds.

The Garage at Tech Square

848 Spring St., Atlanta, GA 30308


VIPs PARK FOR FREE! Yep. Get a VIP Ticket and we'll cover your parking costs in the deck.

DECK PARKING Tech Square does offer parking in two different decks; hourly rates max out at a $15 flat fee for the entire day.

STREET PARKING The Tech Square area has lots of street parking available, and it’s all metered. If you choose to park on the street, be SURE you feed the meter. Otherwise you’ll end up with a pretty yellow envelope on your windshield that’ll cost you a pretty penny when you go to pay the ticket.


All recommended hotels are within walking distance to Tech Square, as well as to a MARTA train station that offers direct airport connections.

GEORGIA TECH HOTEL 3 star rooms from $109
800 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308
ph: (404) 347-9440

HILTON GARDEN INN 3 star rooms from $109
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HAMPTON INN ATLANTA 2 star rooms from $99
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12:00 pm Doors Open at The Garage
1:00 pm

Celebrate the Process of Getting Things Done

with Becky Simpson

We live in a world of information overload. We’re constantly forced to curate our lives, because we know that if we don’t, someone else will. Those of us who have found our home in creative industries are also learning how to hone our skills, manage our time and coddle the vision that got us here in the first place.

So with all of these distractions and opportunities, how do you force yourself to stay focused and just get the work done? Becky will talk about how she wrote and illustrated two books, created a backlog of art for 100 days and how she's building a product company based on her illustrations. She will share her six game-changing lessons that anyone can use to prioritize focus, hunker down and get started creating.

2:00 pm

Once Upon a Drop Cap (When Words Were the Experience & Letters Were Your Voice)

with Jason Pamental

What we have to say has always been intimately intertwined with how we say it. Design is about communicating those ideas and influencing users’ behavior, so it follows that influence is imparted largely by how we design. For all our intellectual complexity, our brains are still wired to make near-instant judgements about the value and importance of the message we are receiving based on how that message appears.

Thankfully, most of us are still familiar enough with actual books to remember the feel of paper under our fingers, the smell of the ink, the elegant transitions from one idea to the next -- all in service of the story. While pixels remain odorless, there’s much more we can do than just deliver a digital message. Practiced typography transforms that message into a compelling experience. Let’s take a journey forward through time and see where typography can take us.

2:40 pm Networking and Refreshments
3:00 pm

Remember Why You Started

with Tara Victoria

To remain authentic in a world of social media popularity, rapidly growing businesses and viral fame, it is imperative that we constantly reflect on our beginnings - our where, our why, and and our how. True passion holds story at it's core and the very expression of our stories can become the reason clients relate and gravitate towards working with us. As our creative journey unfolds and we grow from where we started, our why constantly evolves. When our why's take new shapes, our process can be directly affected. This talk sheds light on the idea of looking inward at the fire for a creative life, why we should never settle, and most importantly the great significance of our stories.

3:40 pm

Design Leadership Panel

Rick Anwyl, Chris Coleman, Hank Richardson, Matt D. Smith, Zia Khan

When it comes to design, nothing trumps experience. Our panelists come from a wide range of backgrounds, and each has a unique approach to the industry. They’ll cover how to handle tough clients, stand up for your work, and stay focused in the midst of pressure.

4:30 pm Networking and Refreshments
5:00 pm

Souls & Machines: Designing the Future of Content

with Hannah Donovan

Not too long ago, it seemed like big data and collaborative filtering were going to solve our desires for discovery and inspiration. At the same time, platforms dedicated to new methods of self expression – music, writing, video etc. – have matured, and their new forms of content have become mainstays of our culture.

Today, content companies are adapting to become digital products, and tech companies are learning to make content. How does a product designer navigate this changing landscape? What are the answers to questions like “humans vs. computers”; “pro vs. user-generated content”; and “opinion vs. democracy”? This and more will be answered through case studies, experiments and of course, stories. Come to learn, stay for the fun :)

5:40 pm

Designing for Happy Companies

with Meg Lewis

Or… How Getting Weird and Finding a Purpose Created a Design Mission — Meg Lewis, the world’s happiest person, shares her hilarious life journey and how it led to finding her purpose. Meg will discuss the benefits of leveraging your quirks to create a career mission. You’ll laugh and cry your way to a happy ending during this unconventional, fun talk!

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