August 28th 1-6pm | Polygon | Atlanta, GA

For today, you’re the user.

And the product is great conversations with people like you who want to design a better web.

Let’s talk UX. We designed this event with you in mind. We dream in wireframes, too. And so do the thought leaders waiting to mingle with you. Their talks are practical--real world tips and tricks you can put into action immediately. There’s no fluff. You’ll leave equipped and inspired to get back to doing what you do best.


Learn From These Great Folks

Jacklyn Burgan

UX Strategist

Jacklyn is a user experience researcher and organizer of Ladies That UX Atlanta. She’s passionate about usability, empathetic design, and collaboration. Jacklyn is a firm believer that educating the future leaders is just as important as eating your greens; she advocates engineering and user experience career paths to young women. In her free time, you can find her on the competitive dance floor, or walking the Beltline with her dog.

Aarron Walter

Director of MailChimp UX

Author of Designing for Emotion

Aarron is the General Manager of New Products at MailChimp and the author of Designing for Emotion from A Book Apart. Aarron has taught design at colleges in the US and Europe for nearly a decade. He's also a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and his design guidance has helped the White House, the US Department of State, and dozens of startups and venture capitalists.

Yakka Murphy

Art Director, Digital Experience

The Weather Channel

Yakka Murphy specializes in designing consistent and easy to use experiences across multiscreen web and app ecosystems. As Art Director, Digital Experience at The Weather Company, she works with a passionate team of designers, developers and product managers on well-known brands. Previously, Yakka worked as a graphic designer, front end web developer and computer animator.

Joel Beukelman

UX Designer on Android


Joel is a UX Designer on Android and a SoCal native. He hosts The Balance Podcast. Previous employers include Netflix and AppStack. In addition to design, he loves craft beer and tattoos.

Lea Alcantara

Lead Designer

Bright Umbrella

Lea Alcantara is the lead designer for Bright Umbrella, where she helps paint an accurate and attractive reflection of her clients’ brands through color, type, and code. She speaks at conferences like SXSW, ConvergeSE and Web Afternoon, and co-hosts CTRL+CLICK CAST, one of .net Magazine’s Top 10 podcasts of 2011, 2014 and 2015. She also loves Disney show tunes, the Food Network, and kittens.

Adam Connor

VP Organizational Design & Training


Adam is obsessed with storytelling. As a designer at Mad*Pow, Adam uses his interaction design experience and background in CS, film, and animation to create effective and easy-to-use digital products and services.

Doc Waller

Inspiration Architect

Becoming Possible

Doc Waller is an award-winning stage performer turned creative entrepreneur with inspiration to spare! He calls himself an Inspiration Architect. Every ounce of his work is about inspiring people and creating moments that provide them with the ambition to explore their possibility.

Zach Pousman

Digital Product Designer and Strategist

Consultant to the Stars

Zach Pousman is a digital product designer and strategist with over 15 years of experience delivering user-centric digital experiences. His passion is to understand the rhythms and routines of daily life and find ways for companies to intersect with and improve upon them in ways that delight customers and exceed business goals. Zach takes an ethnographic approach to understanding customers and their behaviors, blending both qualitative and quantitative insight.

Stephanie Brubaker

Software Engineer


Stephanie Brubaker is a Software Engineer at FullStory, a Customer Success platform that gives UX designers a visceral sense of how real users experience their creations. With a primary focus on frontend web development, she works closely with the FullStory design team to turn their brilliant designs into magical UIs. Stephanie is also a former Google Engineer, though she neither possesses a neckbeard nor has ever played D&D. She does, however, think soldering is fun and relaxing.

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What To Expect

Four speakers and a panel of thought leaders bring the latest and greatest in UX that’s relevant to you. The afternoon will give you the opportunity to connect with others interested in the same topics as you. At the end of it all we’ll mingle together and indulge in a libation or two.

We minimize the fluff to focus on providing quality content from people in the know, at a price you can afford. Every penny from our events goes straight back to help local groups and meet-ups you love. We’ve generated thousands of dollars so far for Web and technology-focused groups. And we’re just getting started.

Web Afternoon is fast-paced and designed to spur conversations, because that’s how ideas are born.

VIP Speaker Brunch

Attendees who purchased a VIP ticket will enjoy brunch with the speaker of their choice at Chef Ron Eyester’s Diner Atlanta.

Doors Open

Opening Remarks

Jacklyn Burgan

UX + BA Working Together In Harmony

Why: Every UX professional I've had the pleasure of working with has experienced tension working with their product manager or business analyst. I'd love to share some practical knowledge and personal stories about how I overcame similar issues and what I learned from them.

Description: By combining the efforts of business analysis and user experience design, building efficient, easy to use software that achieves the goals of both the business and the users is easier. User Experience and Business Analysis are two disciplines that apply analysis and design thinking during the product and software development process. Both roles are unique and the people that fill them have different strengths, but often times the roles overlap. In this talk, I'll explain how I worked through UX/BA clashes, what I learned from those experiences and provide you with new strategies to take back to your workplace that will help you to improve the collaboration across your teams and ultimately create a better product.

Joel Beukelman

Your Bias is Bull$hit

As designers and creators we assume responsibility to craft products, experiences and things around us - a role better tempered by research and education than one's personal perspective or taste. It's too easy for us to absorb current viewpoints, mob mentalities, or personal biases instead of exploring and understanding new ways... and maybe refining our own.



Bookended by talks from pre-eminent UXers, we’ll be presenting a panel of four thought leaders you can relate to. They do what you do every day and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Bring your questions and get ready to participate!


Lea Alcantara

Beyond Static: The New Design System

​In today’s mobile world, providing design deliverables within the browser creates a more productive experience for your clients and your team. And while this means a shift from Photoshop to Sublime, it isn’t just a code shift. The design process remains integral and informs every web-based deliverable. Using a real client case study, Lea will explore Bright Umbrella’s design deliverables in and out of the browser and explain how their in-house “framework” has ultimately saved them time and money.

Adam Connor

Discuss Design Without Losing Your Mind

Collaboration requires us to share our work; to communicate our ideas with one another and to collect other’s thoughts in order to know whether the designs and creations we’re producing are meeting the objectives of the project. But often we wrestle with collecting feedback. We get comments that are less then helpful because they seem irrelevant or unclear. Or we find that we’re getting feedback and reactions at inopportune times rather than points in the process where they would have been useful in informing design decisions.

Our ability to critique speaks directly to the quality of the conversations we have with teammates, whether they be designers, developers, stakeholders, etc. Designers frequently complain about the quality and uselessness of the feedback they are given, but we rarely examine our own processes to identify how to collect useful feedback and make the discussions around our designs more productive.

In this talk we’ll explore critique as both an activity and an aspect of any communication or collaboration. Attendees will walk away with:

A clearer understanding of what critique is and why asking for “feedback” is problematic. Methods for gathering useful feedback from clients and teammates. Ideas on how to introduce team members to the idea of critique and get everyone using it. An understanding of where critique fits within the design processes and how to incorporate it into projects

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