Web Afternoon

The Event for People Who Love the Web

Not Your Ordinary Web Conference.

It’s a lean and fast-paced half-day event designed with value in mind.

No Frills.

Other events spend lots of money on stuff you don’t care about: fancy flowers, dramatic lighting, and finger sandwiches — and they pass the cost on to you.

Not at Web Afternoon. We minimize the fluff and focus on high-quality content from people in the know — at a price you can afford.

Thought Leaders

Short talks without the ego. Great Q&A. Networking with people you really want to meet. Your tribe: people like you; people who get it.

It’s rare for so many great people to be in one spot at the same time. New friendships form. Conversations happen. Ideas are born.

Love. Not Profit.

We believe in giving back to the community. That’s why every penny from our events goes straight back to help local groups and meet-ups.

Our previous events have generated thousands of dollars for Web and technology focused groups. And we’re just getting started.

You’re not buying a ticket to pad someone’s wallet. You’re supporting the community you love.

We've invited a dozen thought leaders to come speak, lead group discussions, and mingle with you. We'll post information about who is coming soon.

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